With extensive experience in business management, sales, and leadership, Adam Ask is a natural real estate agent. Growing up in the DE/MD beach area gives him an unparalleled knowledge of the coastal region. Spending several years as the Sales Manager for a reputable home care service, Adam acquired significant business experience. He has spent over 15 years managing, leading, and performing in one of the most well-known musical acts at the beach. Over the span of that time, his understanding of the region and its people has become second to none.

Adam is a proud family man and feels there is no greater drive and purpose towards success in life than the love and dedication that family provides. As your agent, Adam will show you how his road to real estate has been paved by the perfect storm of business, family values, and passion, and why, as his client, you will get a real estate experience that is second to none.

Most real estate agents work for years to become “Rock Star Agents”, while Adam Ask has worked towards this goal in reverse order. After a successful career managing, booking, leading, and performing in one of the coastal region’s most well-known acts, he has turned his sights towards the grand stage of real estate, and the only stage he wants to rock now is the closing stage with you. Give him a call today!